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About the Eldorado Ballroom

The Eldorado Ballroom at Elgin Street and Emancipation Avenue was built in 1939 by renowned Houston architect Lenard Gabert, who designed many of the city’s large art deco structures. The owner was African-American businesswoman Anna Dupree (1892-1977), who wanted to establish a community entertainment venue for black social clubs and other groups in the Third Ward. The ballroom, which occupies the second floor of the massive Eldorado Building at 2310 Elgin, was the visual and spiritual symbol of the community. Until it closed in the early 1970s, the Eldorado hosted countless blues and jazz performances, weekly talent shows and sock-hops. Houston-born musicians such as Sam “Lightning” Hopkins and Johnny “Guitar” Watson honed their skills at the Eldorado and went on to bigger fame. Many internationally known jazz and bluesmen, including B.B. King and Count Basie, also made regular appearances.

In 1999, the Eldorado Ballroom was gifted to Project Row Houses. After four years of renovations, the Eldorado re-opened in May 2003 for its first major event in over 30 years, raising $75,000 toward continuing improvements on the building, and reminding people of what this proud institution means to the community.

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