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TréPhonos is a collaborative art project featuring three themed payphones, three local Artists, three Artist Ambassadors, and 18 Third Ward residents. These phones feature the sounds of Third Ward through a series of audio experiences. By taking the nostalgic payphone and hacking them for a different kind of public connection, TréPhonos symbolize the heart of Third Ward.    

Project Row Houses invites people to engage with the phones, pick up the receiver, and push a number. Spend time listening to neighbors’ stories, hear original music from local artists, or be transported to places like Frenchy’s Chicken drive through. You can find these sculptural phones at 3 locations in Northern Third Ward: Wolf’s Pawn, S.H.A.P.E. Community Center, and Crumbville TX.       

Three Artists:

  • Jeanette Degollado; social sculpture, photographer, interdisciplinary

  • Julian Luna; sculpture

  • Matt Fries; social sculpture, engineer, programmer

Three Ambassadors:

  • Kofi Taharka; TréSankofa

  • Marc Furi; TréSonic

  • Sunny Smith; TréMixTape

Three Themed Payphones:

  • TréSonic

  • TréMixTape

  • Tré Sankofa

TréPhonos is supported by PRH’s Strategic Art Plan, an initiative generously funded by the Houston Endowment.

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Upcoming Round

Round 48: Beyond Social Practice

Round 48 Opening & Block Party
October 13, 2018 | Noon - 7:00 pm

Viewing Period
October 13, 2018 - February 17, 2019

Open to the Public
Wednesday through Sunday | Noon - 5:00 pm

Round 48: Beyond Social Practice takes its title from the Social Practice.Social Justice symposium organized on the occasion of PRH’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Through this ongoing investigation of exploring how social practice is defined, who defines it and what it means for artists, collectives and institutions, Round 48 brings together a group of artists deeply engaged in collaborative practices that speak to social issues related to identity, politics, activism. “Social practice" emerged from academia to encapsulate the scope of community-based and socially engaged practices that artists have utilized for decades. The term, as ascribed to these practices, is synonymous with the proliferation of academic programs that could be seen as troubling in their attempts to capture, pare down and replicate what has come before. As with the symposium, Round 48 looks to the multitude of forms that “social practice” takes in contemporary art, exploring organic efforts that move beyond the name and elevate the spirit of socially engaged art through their actions.

Round 48 Artists:

  • The Design Studio for Social Intervention

  • Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

  • Tia-Simone Gardner

  • Lisa Harris

  • Armina Mussa

  • Jackie Sumell

  • Dawn Weleski

From healing spaces as a site for a holistic recreation center, to connecting with communities in other countries, the featured work highlights the critical role that artists play in shaping and framing socio-political issues while demonstrating their ties to various social justice movements and strategies.

Round 48 is organized by Ryan N. Dennis, Curator at Programs Director at Project Row Houses.

Representative Image

Evan Coleman on the porch of her art house