PRH Preservation Protects History and Culture of Third Ward

In June 2018, Project Row Houses announced the creation of PRH Preservation, Inc. Under the leadership of Executive Director Eureka Gilkey and President Hastings Johnson, PRH Preservation supports the charitable purposes of Project Row Houses. The organization’s mission is to maintain and enhance existing buildings in Houston’s Northern Third Ward to ensure long-term, safe, and affordable housing for its residents.

The Next Step in Community Development

PRH Preservation works to continue the historical character and culture of the Third Ward as it transitions, while accelerating the redevelopment of the neighborhood by raising money to subsidize individual projects.

The lead gift from the Kinder Foundation supported the purchase of a 1.4-acre piece of property at Webster, Hadley, Nagle, and Live Oak Streets, which consists of 21 wood-frame structures constructed between 1930 and 1950. Primarily in residential use, the structures are now managed by PRH Preservation and have been renovated with major updates for livability and safety.

As PRH Preservation continues its work, the organization will focus its efforts on preserving as many of the original row houses as practicable. Through the renovations, PRH Preservation will work to bring the row houses into compliance with applicable codes and make them sustainable. The organization will continue to work with land owners operating in the community to continue these renovations and collaborate with Project Row Houses so that residents remain engaged with their surroundings.

PRH Preservation will also support the creation of a plan for the Eldorado Ballroom that not only facilitates its use for the benefit of the community but also contributes to the sustainability of Project Row Houses.

The Future of Third Ward

PRH Preservation’s singular focus is on investing in future of the historic neighborhood through intentional and strategic community development. The organization is intended to have a tangible and meaningful impact on the neighborhood and its residents through the preservation of long-term, safe, and affordable housing for the Third Ward community.