Sidewalk Talk: “Compositions of Comparisons and Contrasts” with key speakers Malcolm Sumisu, Robert Hodge, Hamdiya Ali, Journey Allen

Thu., February 9, 20126:00pm Hosted by artist Ifeanyi Okoro II "Communograph House" 2505 Holman

"All roads lead to home." - Compositions of Comparison and Contrasts. This talk will consist of area and out-of-state implants, be they artists, community workers, or family men and women, each speaking on the change and impact that they bring about in 3rd Ward. This is like a national map, akin to the saying, "All roads lead to Rome". This also encompasses and uncovers the pathways, layers, and histories that are often left untold in "The Tré". Key Speakers (Previous or Current Residence) : Malcolm Sumisu (New York), Robert Hodge (Texas/Houston's 3rd Ward), Hamdiya Ali (California), Journey Allen (Louisiana), Ifeanyi Okoro II (Texas/Prairie View)

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