Houston Chronicle: Save arts funding

Full article by Houston Chronicle

Houston's vibrant arts scene is among the top reasons people commit to and love our city, and our city has much to lose from cuts in arts-based funding. These cuts will fall hardest on poor and minority communities, who benefit from subsidized programs that broaden access to arts programming.

Project Row Houses, which has helped revitalize the Third Ward community, expects to receive a combined $67,000 from the NEA and the NEH this year. The nonprofit organization is right now in the middle of a unique collaboration to help a significant portion of the Third Ward gain access to better amenities without pricing out residents.

In addition to art spaces, the organization provides housing for young mothers, tutoring and educational support, a community market, a food co-op and the historic Eldorado Ballroom and Dupree Park, which is located across the street from Project Row Houses.