Houston Chronicle: PRH/Core Resident Ronny Quevedo

PRH/Core Resident Ronny Quevedo is covered in the Houston Chronicle for his work in Higher Sails - an arts education project in which he taught children from Third Ward about various forms of printmaking, ultimately culminating in a series of signs for local businesses. Full Article by Andrea White

When Quevedo was one year old, he arrived there from Ecuador with his father, a factory worker, and his mother, a seamstress. "I have my mother's hands," he says proudly.

Stores on their street not only sold goods but served as community centers and gathering places. That street, chock-full of colorful signs for bodegas, bakery goods, tacos and laundries, was Quevedo's first art gallery. "I was either watching television or drawing," he says. "I drew everything. Myself. Signs. Dogs. Cats. Houses. As long as we had paper."