A Special Message from Brian Ellison, Houston-based Artist

Photo by Alex Barber

Photo by Alex Barber

Being a part of Round 47 at Project Row Houses (PRH) was a career-altering experience. It showed me how art when given the correct platform can impact the artist and the community in ways that supersede our own expectations. Being part of PRH opened up doors for me as an artist that I never knew existed. My work is rooted in the community, and I believe that art should be viewable in spaces that allow those who aren't privy to traditional art settings to have the experience still the same. Project Row Houses is revolutionary in the way they bring art to the community by providing a non-traditional space that creates a bridge for those who would otherwise not be given the opportunity to experience art created for them. PRH has shown me that I have something worth seeing, and it has added leaps and bounds to my confidence as well as a solid foundation for my practice going forward.   

Join me in supporting PRH and their unique arts program by clicking here to become a member today. Your membership provides an invaluable service to artists like me and ensure that Houston remains at the forefront of innovative artist communities.

Thank you,

Brian Ellison