Arts+Culture TX: Texas Studio: Regina Agu

Full article by Casey Gregory

Regina Agu sits, poker straight, on the lumpy coffee shop couch where we meet to discuss her current projects. She is soft-spoken but purposeful in describing her work, and her gentle clarity seems in contrast to the busy, involved practice she is describing. Recent projects include a photo installation at Project Row Houses back in January, her ongoing collaboratively run space-Alabama Song, an auction/performance called House of Wahala with events at Women & Their Work in Austin and DiverseWorks in Houston, a three-person show Into the Midst of Things at DiverseWorks through July 22, and a two-year remote residency with the Drawing Center in New York. “I’ve always had to balance something outside of the studio,” she acknowledges. As an artist, constant collaborator, and grants writer with a seemingly inexhaustible curiosity, Agu finds the studio to be “a release.”

Studio Available at Delia's Lounge

Project Row Houses (PRH) currently has an open studio space on-site at Delia's Lounge. Studio #1 is 160sqft and available for rent at a rate of $150 per month. Delia's Lounge houses three studio spaces. Renters are expected to respect each other's space and maintain a level of cleanliness in shared and personal spaces. The Delia's Lounge building is a multi-use space that includes Cookie Love's Wash n Fold, a laundromat used by Row House CDC residents. By submitting an application you are agreeing to a year lease, opportunities for open studios, and being available for tours by request from the Public Art Director of PRH. 

**The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 31, 2017. 

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Arts+Culture TX: Empathy as an Ultimatum at Project Row Houses

Full article by Casey Gregory

I’ve been thinking about empathy lately: How to generate it in myself and, maybe, as a byproduct, in others.   My recent visit to Project Row Houses’s 46th round of exhibitions, Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter at Project Row Houses, on view March 25 through June 4, introduced me to a new way to consider empathy: As an ultimatum.

The simultaneously forceful and pleading statement “You gotta love us or leave us alone” is emblazoned on the front of the center row-house. It is an untitled work attributed to Ephemera Group of Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter. Most of the artists in this round are New York-based, described as “a collective of Black women, queer, and gender non-conforming artists…formed in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” people who are continually fighting the limits placed on them by dominant aspects of mainstream culture. They state the laudable goal of working with local artists to form a Houston chapter of BWA for BLM.

Asian Cultural Council: hearing it from the communities: radical spaces, tenderloin national forest, kitchen remedies, the bronx is breathing, project row houses

Full article by Stephanie Wai Ting Cheung

In meetings where participants discuss passionately and share work, there is a rigor in the kind of connective aesthetics that tackles real life… Knowing what it takes for the Project Row House to happen in context, when I saw mothers reading with their children on the porch, I found poetry in the air.