The Idea Fund Round 10: Applications Open!

Round Ten Application Open

Deadline: MONDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2017

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What types of projects will be funded?
The Idea Fund is committed to new, risk-taking forms that help to define new practices in contemporary art. The Idea Fund favors projects that exemplify unconventional, participatory or social practice, conceptual, innovative or entrepreneurial, or activist artistic practices that occur outside of the traditional frameworks of support. Works that are eligible for conventional sources of funding are highly unlikely to be awarded.

A panel of professionals will select between 12-14 projects submitted by individual artists, curators, performers, collectives or collaboratives that must be completed by December 31, 2018.

Who can apply?
The Idea Fund supports individual artists, curators, collectives, collaboratives or partnerships. If applying as a group, the artistic group can be long-standing or created specifically for this project; however, the lead member of the group must be living and working in the greater Houston area.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please email or contact Rachel Cook, TIF Administrator, at 713.223.8346.

Post-Harvey Update

Project Row Houses had planned to host Celebration at Emancipation, a lunch honoring our renewing members and welcoming new ones, on Friday, September 29, 2017. 

In the wake of Harvey, and cognizant of the intensive and ongoing recovery needs throughout our city, Project Row Houses felt it would be counterproductive to plan a celebration with so many urgent needs. 

While spared the worst of the flooding, Project Row Houses and the surrounding neighborhood did not come through unscathed. We sustained damage to two of our buildings that will require significant repairs. Reflecting on what happened in the wake of both Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Allison, we know that the city’s charitable priorities will temporarily shift away from causes not directly engaged in shorter-term recovery work. 

Project Row Houses continues to need support, however, as the long-term transformation of Third Ward remains critical both to our community’s recovery from this storm and its ability to weather those we know will come in the future. 

We are asking those who have already pledged to support the event to honor their commitment so that we can remain fiscally stable during this challenging time and understand that some may not wish to do so. 

Thank you for your understanding of the need to cancel our celebration. We hope to host a community update for the Third Ward this fall and are already looking forward to fall of 2018 for The Celebration at Emancipation Gala, which will mark the 25th anniversary of Project Row Houses. 

Eureka Gilkey
Executive Director

YMRP Application Deadline Extended

The application deadline for our Young Mothers Residential Program has now passed.

About the Young Mothers Program

The purpose of YMRP is to assist low-income single mothers and their children in achieving independent, self-sufficient lives. Through this program, PRH provides a culturally rich environment in which residents develop healthy, holistic living practices and cultivate a sense of positive energy and self-worth that will guide them in becoming empowered, self-confident, nurturing women, mothers, daughters, companions, and employees. 

YMRP is geared towards young mothers with ambition and goals for themselves and for each member of their family, who believe they will benefit from a structured program. The goals of the program are to strengthen the self in the following key areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Career Development
  • Financial Management
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Awareness
  • Relationship Building

Program Requirements

To be eligible for YMRP, applicants must:

  • Be a single mother between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • Have physical custody of at least one (1) of their children under the age of 17.
  • Have all children enrolled and regularly attending a public/private school and daycare classes.
  • Be employed either part-time or full-time.
  • Have income documented by independent sources such as Social Security, pay stubs, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps award letters, etc. and must be current at the time of admission.
  • Be pursuing their education either part-time or full-time in two or four-year college or university and/or accredited training program (welding, cosmetology, CNA). 
  • Be in good academic standing with the college or university she is currently attending and maintaining a grade point average of 2.5 both for the semester and overall.
  • Honor YMRP schedule program commitments, including weekly meetings, programs and volunteer opportunities that support a year-long focus on self, family, and community growth.
  • Be willing to interview with the YMRP Committee members and program staff.
  • Provide a current, official transcript at the time of the interview. 
  • Project Row Houses cannot accept women who are pregnant or suffering from mental illness or drug/alcohol addiction into YMRP.

Hurricane Harvey Resources and Info

While Third Ward, along with most of Fifth Ward and Montrose, is not flooded, much of Houston has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Below are some resources we've gathered from the community for those seeking assistance or wishing to help. 

*If you are stranded and waiting for a boat, hang a white sheet so that they can see you. Rescuers have stated addresses are not always visible.

List of shelters in Houston 

Lost wages, unemployment benefits 

Artist Resource Guide

NPR: Resources for Houston and How to Help 

A vetted resource guide by the community: 

From local artist and friend Nestor Topchy: 
If you are inclined to donate to #HarveyRelief, please consider these local organizations. The Red Cross will get many donations in the coming weeks, but sometimes these local groups can do much more with much less money.
Galveston County Food Bank:
Corpus Christi Food Bank:
Houston Food Bank:
Texas Diaper Bank:
SPCA of Texas:
Portlight is a local grassroots organization that provides disaster aid to the disabled specifically:
The Coalition for the Homeless is an umbrella organization coordinating shelters and orgs across the city:
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR):
Samaritan's Purse disaster relief units are now pre-positioned in Texas as residents continue to struggle with rain, flooding, and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.
Heart to Heart had a disaster response team and mobile medical unit deploying Friday morning from Kansas City to arrive in Texas ahead of the storm.
Galveston County Food Bank
The Galveston County Food Bank warehouses bulk quantities of fresh, frozen, canned and dry food…

Atlanta Black Star: Who Is Responsible for Gentrification In HBCU Neighborhoods?

Full article by Cecilia Smith

Fearing the erasure of their own community, members of Third Ward have come together in an effort to educate and assist residents, including organizations like the Sankofa Research Institute and Project Row Houses, who have worked to preserve the community and increase ownership throughout the Greater Third Ward area.

Depending upon whom you ask, Third Ward’s transformation has been long in the making, with some eager to revamp the shotgun-style houses that dot the area. As Third Ward has changed, neighborhoods previously shunned by white students and young couples have become a haven for those that wouldn’t even go near the area five years ago.


During an interview with Rice University’s Kinder Institute, Project Row House Executive Director Eureka Gilkey shared the work that lies ahead: “We can’t halt gentrification; it’s already happening — but we have an opportunity to change the way this process works.