The Different Girl by Linda Simien Kelly

The Different Girl  Painting by Artist Linda Simien Kelly

I am the different girl, the one that you may see as a person from out of this world, the one that considers herself as a queen

The one that is not afraid to make statements when it comes to self confidence

The Different Girl is very unique, special, hard to keep up with, sometimes picky, but she is an awesome girl

The one that loves a colorful life . one that wears long eye lashes bright lipstick

She shines in the darkness with her beautiful smile

I am the different girl like a little strange to some, but to

others I am their shining light that leads them out of the tunnel to their finish line, I make them smile I make them laugh I make them cry,

I am the different girl, the one that is a lion and does not worry about the opinion of sheep..she demonstrates strength provides courage

Take a picture of me now because tomorrow you will see a different girl, but same original soul inside, the best friend most are missing in their life

The different girl is not afraid when it comes to crossing the bridge over trouble waters she has swam the deepest and coldest waters while keeping her head up to the sky

The different girl is a friend which lasts forever and a day..get in line, the wait is long to be a friend of hers

The Different girl is graceful as a lily

The Different girl needs love like any other girl 

About Linda Simien Kelly

Artist Linda Simien Kelly grew up in the swamps of Louisiana. Though she dabbled in art in high school, she is primarily self- taught and now a full-time artist. Black identity has been a constant theme in her work, for her racial/ethnic ambiguity materializes outside of her hometown. Working in themes such as cultural solidarity and ethnic perception, she uses her Blackness as a major informant in her art. Kelly went on to win first prize in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s 17th Annual City Wide African American Artists Exhibition. She now lives in Houston with her husband and is a mother of three sons. 

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