Summer Studios 2015: Kingsley Onyeiwu

My name is Kingsley Onyeiwu, and I'm originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Here I am at Project Row Houses, and it's been a journey. I didn't think, you know, my "hobby" would take me this far, but all I can say is that it's not a hobby anymore. It's a lifestyle now. Row House has been... It's taught me more - how to channel my work to my community, not just my personal interests. I try to make my work now about people, about my tribe, about culture. I say tribe because I'm from Igbo tribe; they have three main tribes in Nigeria.
My project is going to be about my culture. This is a challenge for me, an experiment. Features from my tribe, artwork from my tribe, I've incorporated into my work to say that this is what I find beautiful. I want my work to be about beauty - about the idea of beauty. That's what I'm trying to explore.

About Kingsley Onyeiwu
Kingsley Onyeiwu is a student at Texas Southern University whose work, influenced by his childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, depicts the beauty of humanism in art with a focus on Afrocentrism. He proposes to a series of works addressing the response of Black communities to racial inequity, ranging from present experiences of oppression to possible futures of justice.

About Summer Studios
Summer Studios was developed to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to create and exhibit work that responds to, engages with, and/or is reflective of community. This program is open to seven art students and emerging artists, nominated by professors and selected by a panel of professional artists. Summer Studios is open to artists who are interested in making art in an urban community setting, engaging with the PRH/Third Ward Community and interacting with established Houston-based artists.

Video by PRH Intern Valerio Farris