Artwork by Caroline Ryan, Photo by Alex barber

Artwork by Caroline Ryan, Photo by Alex barber

About the Young Mothers Residential Program

The purpose of YMRP is to empower young single mothers and their children in achieving independent, self-sufficient lives. YMRP has supported roughly 100 mothers and their families, some of whom have gone on to earn doctorates, law degrees and become community leaders and entrepreneurs. Through this program, PRH provides a culturally rich environment in which residents develop healthy, holistic living practices and cultivate a sense of positive energy and self-worth that will guide them in becoming empowered, self-confident, nurturing women, mothers, daughters, companions, and employees.

Apply to YMRP

Thank you for your interest in the Young Mothers Residential Program. We are not accepting intake forms at this time, but encourage you to continue to visit our website for program updates. If you have any questions, you can email us at

Support the Young Mothers Residential Program

Through this program, Project Row Houses provides a solid safety net for young single mothers striving to build a better life for themselves and for their children. This is just one of the many ways in which we uplift our community through long-term investment and commitment to individuals and groups. These programs are made possible through the generous support of individuals like you. If you would like to join our Community of Supporters, you can do so by donating or through the purchase of items on the YMRP Wish List. 

Advisory Committee

Tiesha Ward
Tyra Williams
Candice Wilson
Scharese Wright

Jan Griesenbeck
Desiree Johnson
Mary Koch
Linda Shearer

Please contact PRH at 713.526.7662 or via email at if you are interested in serving on the YMRP Advisory Committee.

Installation shot of The Faces of PRH, Caroline Ryan, 2016. Photo by Alex Barber