Community Markets

Sustainability means different things to different communities. In Third Ward, there is a strong history of small business, and PRH seeks to preserve this history by providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to experiment with business models, products, and showcases.

Through a series of community markets, Project Row Houses helps to connect creative entrepreneurs to audiences both within the Third Ward community and beyond. These markets provide an opportunity for local businesses and talents to showcase their skills and engage on a human level with their neighbors and members of new communities. 

Incubation Program

PRH's Incubation Program provides space, time and/or mentorship to artists and creative individuals working in the early stages of project development. The incubation program affords creative entrepreneurs the opportunity of operating within a close-knit community of artists and activists in addition to operating on a neighborhood level with members of the Third Ward community and beyond.

These projects are chosen through a proposal process and re-evaluated at the end of the incubation period. Current incubations on the PRH site include Crumbville TX and Ujima House.