Summer Studios 2019

This year we are excited to welcome Micaela Cadungog (University of Houston), Chanise Epps (Texas Southern University), Katarina Guzman (University of St. Thomas), Treasure Haskins (Texas Southern University), Sabrina Juarez (University of Houston), Alex Lechin (University of Houston), Nick Simien (University of Houston), and Chasity Smith (Texas Southern University) to the 2019 Summer Studios program. Save the date for August 10, 2019 from 4-7 PM to join us for their opening reception. In the meantime, if you happen to visit Project Row Houses in-between now and August 5, 2019, keep an eye out for an open art house door! For the duration of the summer, the students are welcome to invite visitors into their space by leaving their front door open. Feel free to take a walk inside and have a studio visit!

Alexandra Lechin

Alexandra Lechin is a Venezuelan-American interdisciplinary abstract artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture and is currently in the process of completing a minor in psychology at the University of Houston. She draws inspiration from Latin abstract expressionist artists such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Soto, Antonio Asis, and Martha Boto. Alexandra finds the therapeutic benefit of creating an immersive space or stand-alone sculpture that plays with the interrelations of movement, light, space, and color.  

Chanise Epps

Chanise Epps is currently studying photography at Texas Southern University. She was formally trained as a still photographer in the United States Air Force. She has recently been selected to participate in the Princeton University Art Museum’s Curation, Leadership, Artistry, and Practice program. Chanise has also completed Yale University’s Summer Teacher’s Institute in Technical Art History, a Winterthur and Delaware University art conservation internship, a Sarah A. Trotty Cultural internship, and the African American Museum of Dallas internship. Chanise also participated in Harvard University’s 3rd Annual Student Museum Conference.

Nicholas R. Simien

Nicholas R. Simien is from Barrett Station, Texas and is currently in the sculpture program at the University of Houston. He studied art and architecture at Lee College in Baytown, Texas and earned an associate’s degree in visual arts in 2017. With a diverse employment background spanning from law enforcement to residential architecture, Nicholas draws from those experiences along with those of growing up in a historically African American community to inspire his work. Nicholas’ sculptural practice involves the experimentation of how different mediums and materials interact with each other. 

Katarina Guzman

Katarina Guzman lives and works in Houston, Texas where she recently received her Bachelor of Arts in studio arts with a concentration in printmaking from the University of St. Thomas. Katarina was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Having grown up in the unique and rich South Texas, Katarina has been fascinated with history, both personal and social, and its effects. Using sourced material, original photography, and illustration, she pieces together stories and histories and examines the interpersonal and cultural relationships from a distinct lens. Katarina is inspired by the works of documentarian and activist artists like Jacob Lawrence, Leopoldo Mendez, and Dorothea Lange.

Micaela Cadungog

Micaela Cadungog received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography/digital media from the University of Houston. Micaela has exhibited her work at Flatland Gallery, Insomnia Gallery, Hardy & Nance Street Studios, and University of Houston’s Third Space Gallery. Micaela’s work, which dissects the conflict of the shame and sexualization of the female body, consists of photographs and artifacts, and attempts to mend the gap between the emotional being and the physical being.

Sabrina Juarez

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Sabrina Juarez is a multidisciplinary artist that holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and digital media from the University of Houston. Sabrina navigates both temporal and geographic landscapes through a queer lens. Their work is an exploration of the materiality of the past, present, and future which are rooted in ideas of epigenetic memory and nonlinear time.

Chasity Smith and Treasure Haskins

Chasity Smith and Treasure Haskins are currently studying art at Texas Southern University. While Chasity is a painter and Treasure is a ceramicist, together they are interested in the functionality of art and using it as a tool to uplift their communities.

Summer Studios 2019 residents

Summer Studios 2019 residents


Past Summer Studios Artists

2018 Residents

  • Dreana Booker, Texas Southern University

  • Evan Coleman, University of St. Thomas

  • Kara Coonrod, University of Houston

  • Catherine Davila, University of Houston

  • Elizabeth Denton, Rice University

  • Alexis Pye, University of Houston

  • Charli Sol, University of Houston-Downtown


  • Colby Deal, University of Houston

  • Barbara Gamiz, University of St. Thomas |

  • Maureen Lax, University of Houston

  • LeAirre Morris, Texas Southern University |

  • Luis Parra, Houston Community College

  • Faith Schwartz, Texas Southern University

  • Heather Wright, Rice University


  • Artist Mentor: Kaneem Smith

  • Amiri Boykin, Rice University |

  • Rachel Even, University of Houston

  • Devon Grigsby, University of Houston

  • Robert Riojas, Texas Southern University

  • Caroline Ryan, University of Houston

  • Huidi Xiang, Rice University |


  • Artist Mentor: william cordova

  • Sula Bermudez-Silverman, Honorary Resident

  • Guadalupe Hernandez, Houston Baptist University

  • Jennifer Mendez, University of St. Thomas

  • Kingsley Onyeiwu, Texas Southern University

  • Shaun Parker, University of Houston

  • Kandise Ponce, University of Houston


  • Jessica Fuquay, Rice University

  • Mayra Huerta, University of Houston

  • Layla Jones, Texas Southern University

  • Randi Long & James Radcliffe, University of Houston

  • Katelyn Newman, Sam Houston State University

  • Trinh Nguyen, University of Houston

  • Charisse Weston, Honorary Resident


  • Jessie Anderson, Rice University

  • Desira Garcia, University of Houston

  • Byron Harris, University of Houston

  • Maggie Hooyman, University of Houston

  • Emily Howard, Sam Houston State University

  • Aldo Roldan, Houston Baptist University


The Eldorado Ballroom Project with the Houston Action Research Team (HART) of Rice Undergraduate students was an initiative created in collaboration with the Office of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research at Rice University. The interdisciplinary team consisted of Lauren Eggert, Asiya K.Kazi, Tanvi Nagpal, and Kaitlyn Sisk. Participating artists: 

  • Claudia Casbarian, Rice University

  • Anne Marie Foster, Texas Southern University

  • Emma Horace, Texas Southern University

  • Isaac Reyes, Houston Community College – Central

  • Hilary Scullane & Nikki Thornton, University of Houston

  • Ana Villagomez, University of Houston

  • Joshua Yates, Sam Houston State University


  • Logan Beck, Rice University

  • Rebecca Benitez, University of Houston

  • Catherine Cartwright, Sam Houston State University

  • Brittney Connelly, University of Houston

  • Matthew Gorgol, University of Houston

  • Lynissa Hayes, Houston Baptist University

  • Robert McMillian, Texas Southern University


  • Haley Elkins, Houston Community College

  • Kenya Evans, Texas Southern University

  • Nico Gardner, Rice University

  • Matthew Manalo, University of Houston

  • Alberto Ortiz + Jesus Alonso, University of Houston

  • Monica Seibert, University of St. Thomas

  • Sapphire Williams, University of Houston


  • Michella Fanini, Houston Community College

  • Jorge Galvan, University of Houston

  • Jonatan Lopez

  • Renata Lucia, Glassell School of Art

  • Robert McShan, Texas Southern University

  • Rebecca Novak, Glassell School of Art

  • Rosane Volchan O'Conor, Glassell School of Art


  • Juan Castillo, Houston Baptist University

  • Jade Cooper, Texas Southern University

  • Jake Jones, University of Houston

  • Marty Joyce, University of Houston

  • Rocky Perez, University of Houston

  • Erin Rouse, Rice University

  • Janet Rowe, University of Houston


  • Aisen Chacin, University of Houston

  • Myrna Martinez, University of Houston

  • Lauren McClusky, Houston Baptist University

  • Joy Moore, Houston Community College / University of Houston

  • Amelia Reiff Hill, Rice University

  • Mike Williams, Prairie View A&M

  • Gretchin Williams-Morris, Texas Southern University


  • Carla Novi, Houston Community College

  • Abidemi Olowanira, Texas Southern University

  • Keijiro Suzuki, Houston Community College

  • Shirlette Thompson, Houston Community College