Round 41

Process and Action: An Exploration of Labor

October 18, 2014 - March 1, 2015

Particpating Artists: Rabéa Ballin, Julia Brown, Vanessa Diaz, Akua Holt, Rosine Kouamen, and Monica Villareal

This Round explores the ways in which contemporary artists deal with labor-intensive practices. To accomplish this, the artists will explore their individual artistic practices and the Labor issues that have shaped their work as well as the community and society at-large.

To develop this Round, several questions were posited:

  • How does the artistic process relate to Labor issues?
  • How do artists discuss the labor related practices in their work?
  • How does an artist view their labor-intensive process relative to the labor practices that a non-artist experiences daily?
  • How does the average worker in Third Ward and beyond connect to an artist around issues of Labor?

To answer these questions and others that arise in-process, the artists will attempt to bridge the gap between the themes of Labor and the artistic practice and activate the art houses by highlighting process-oriented work, engaging with the women of the Young Mothers Residential Program, and speaking to the broader themes that a discussion of Labor gives rise to.