Round 32

eco, xiang, echo: meditations on the african, andean & asian diasporas

March 27 – June 20, 2010

Participating artists: Crystal Campbell, Albert Chong, Coco Fusco, Marina Gutierrez, Ayana Jackson, Minette Mangahas, Glexis Novoa, Mendi & Keith Obadike

In conjunction with Fotofest Project Row Houses is presenting New York/Philadelphia-based artist Nsenga Knight at 2320 Elgin in the Eldorado Building at the corner of Elgin & Dowling Streets.

Curated by artist William Cordova, this series of installations brings together a multigenerational group of artists from various backgrounds and geographic locations. Working in photography, performance, installation, drawing and sculpture, each artist presents work that addresses the often-overlooked connections between distinct cultures. These connections range from paralleling historical narratives to fantastical freedom dreamscapes. This project is a platform for a continued dialogue around the notions of collective consciousness in the Diasporas represented in this exhibition.