Round 40

Monuments: Right Beyond the Site

March 29  – June 22, 2014

Participating artists: Otabenga Jones & Associates (Dawolu Jabari Anderson, Jamal Cyrus, Kenya Evans, and Robert A. Pruitt)

Monuments: Right Beyond the Site will examine what strategies, traditionally used by African Americans, to mark, beautify, or commemorate public and private space that have been created and sustained for a number of years in Third Ward. As the neighborhood continues to change, Otabenga Jones & Associates will create installations that serve as a means to communicate and celebrate the values of cooperation, entrepreneurship, self-determination, resistance, and communal responsibility. The monuments will highlight individuals, institutions, and events that have been vital to the cultural landscape and economic life of the historic Third Ward. The sites have been chosen through dialogues with various sub-communities in Third Ward, and will delineate the area in a way that is based on the values of the project stated above. The artist-designed monuments will be permanent alterations to the Third Ward landscape. It is our hope that this project will in some ways counter the erasures of history that are occurring within the neighborhood, and will continue to occur as it goes through its demographic shifts. The sites that have been identified are: the former Lanier East Hall Men’s Dormitory at Texas Southern University, the Progressive Amateur Boxing Association, the People’s Party Clinic, Unity Bank, and Blue Triangle YMCA. Sign painters, Bobby V, Israel McCloud, Walter Stanciell, and Bobby Ray, who represent an aesthetic which is traditionally seen in the Third Ward landscape for marketing small businesses, have been commissioned to create new signs that will stimulate individual economic sustainability for each one of them. One of the Art Houses will be used as an education house to conduct workshops, lectures, and gatherings throughout the run of the Round.

Round 40 is part of PRH’s 20th Anniversary celebrations that will continue throughout the year.