Round 41

Process and Action: An Exploration of Labor

October 18, 2014 - March 1, 2015

Particpating Artists: Rabéa Ballin, Julia Brown, Vanessa Diaz, Akua Holt, Rosine Kouamen, and Monica Villareal

This Round explores the ways in which contemporary artists deal with labor-intensive practices. To accomplish this, the artists will explore their individual artistic practices and the Labor issues that have shaped their work as well as the community and society at-large.

To develop this Round, several questions were posited:

  • How does the artistic process relate to Labor issues?
  • How do artists discuss the labor related practices in their work?
  • How does an artist view their labor-intensive process relative to the labor practices that a non-artist experiences daily?
  • How does the average worker in Third Ward and beyond connect to an artist around issues of Labor?

To answer these questions and others that arise in-process, the artists will attempt to bridge the gap between the themes of Labor and the artistic practice and activate the art houses by highlighting process-oriented work, engaging with the women of the Young Mothers Residential Program, and speaking to the broader themes that a discussion of Labor gives rise to.

Round 40

Monuments: Right Beyond the Site

March 29  – June 22, 2014

Participating artists: Otabenga Jones & Associates (Dawolu Jabari Anderson, Jamal Cyrus, Kenya Evans, and Robert A. Pruitt)

Monuments: Right Beyond the Site will examine what strategies, traditionally used by African Americans, to mark, beautify, or commemorate public and private space that have been created and sustained for a number of years in Third Ward. As the neighborhood continues to change, Otabenga Jones & Associates will create installations that serve as a means to communicate and celebrate the values of cooperation, entrepreneurship, self-determination, resistance, and communal responsibility. The monuments will highlight individuals, institutions, and events that have been vital to the cultural landscape and economic life of the historic Third Ward. The sites have been chosen through dialogues with various sub-communities in Third Ward, and will delineate the area in a way that is based on the values of the project stated above. The artist-designed monuments will be permanent alterations to the Third Ward landscape. It is our hope that this project will in some ways counter the erasures of history that are occurring within the neighborhood, and will continue to occur as it goes through its demographic shifts. The sites that have been identified are: the former Lanier East Hall Men’s Dormitory at Texas Southern University, the Progressive Amateur Boxing Association, the People’s Party Clinic, Unity Bank, and Blue Triangle YMCA. Sign painters, Bobby V, Israel McCloud, Walter Stanciell, and Bobby Ray, who represent an aesthetic which is traditionally seen in the Third Ward landscape for marketing small businesses, have been commissioned to create new signs that will stimulate individual economic sustainability for each one of them. One of the Art Houses will be used as an education house to conduct workshops, lectures, and gatherings throughout the run of the Round.

Round 40 is part of PRH’s 20th Anniversary celebrations that will continue throughout the year.

Round 39

Looking Back, Moving Forward

October 5, 2013 – March 2, 2014

Participating artists: Michelle Barnes / Anthony Suber, Jamal Cyrus in collaboration with Ray Carrington III, Troy Gooden, Valerie Piraino, Lovie Olivia, Jessica Vaughn

Looking Back, Moving Forward is inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1969 exhibition Raid the Icebox I that took place at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. In the same fashion of asking Warhol to go through the museum’s permanent collection and curate an exhibit based on his findings, Ryan N. Dennis, PRH’s Public Art Director and curator of the Round asked five artists to go through the PRH Archive and use it as a springboard to create a site-specific installation based on their findings. Looking Back, Moving Forward will include the work of Houston based artists Jamal Cyrus in collaboration with Ray Carrington III, Troy Gooden, Lovie Olivia, and New York based artists Valerie Piraino and Jessica Vaughn.

The other component of the Round seeks to engage educators in a conversation based on the PRH principles and programs. An education house located at 2515 Holman will provide hands-on art based learning for students and educators through a series of workshops and an education guide. The house is being realized by Michelle Barnes and Anthony Suber. The art house located at 2517 Holman is conceptualized by Ryan N. Dennis and Gabriel Martinez who are working with graphic designer Lisa Garrett to create an interactive timeline that tracks the 20 year history of PRH and runs around the interior walls of the house – other didactic components will inform the viewing experience for visitors.

Round 38

March 30 – June 23, 2013

Participating artists: Derek Cracco, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Kenya Evans / M’kina Tapscott, Darin Forehand, Rahul Mitra, Sean Shim-Boyle, Jürgen Tarrasch

Round 38 is partially devoted to the “Birmingham/Texas Interchange,” an exchange project between Space One Eleven in Birmingham, Alabama and PRH. Project Row Houses will host two artists from Birmingham and two artists from Houston will show their work in Birmingham in Fall 2013. The three other artists will keep in the Project Row Houses’ tradition of creating site-specific works that help achieve PRH’s mission of using art to transform community.

Round 37

October 20, 2012 -March 3, 2013

Participating artists: Miguel Amat, Jason Griffiths, Autumn Knight, Maurice Roberts; Artist Groups: In-Situ (Paul hartley, Kerry Morrison and William Titley) and Question Bridge: Black Males ( Chris Johnson, Bayete Ross Smith, Hank Willis Thomas and Kamal Sinclair)