Round 46 | Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter at Project Row Houses

Opening + Community Market
March 25, 2017 | 4-7pm

Viewing Period
March 25 - June 4, 2017

What happens when individual artists use their platform for collective organizing to address challenging socio-political economic issues we face as a society? This Round will utilize the seven art houses as a platform to cultivate public dialogues about the issues that impact the lives and movement of Black People while creating space for the general public to get involved in generative ways. Throughout the houses, a collection of objects, ephemera, performance, digital and installation-based work by the many women of Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter will be installed. Some houses will be home to immersive installations of videos while other houses will create opportunities for the public to create ephemera and host meetings to respond and organize based on our current political moment while addressing issues that impact the lives of Third Ward residents.

During the incubation period, we will work with local artists to establish a chapter of BWA for BLM in Houston and to create an installation or performance based on conversations. The Houston chapter will become a part of the larger network of BWA for BLM groups that are active in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. 

About BWAforBLM

Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter is a collective of Black women, queer, and gender non-conforming artists. We formed in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and believe that a unified and polyvocal front is a powerful agent of change in the fight against racialized violence. In coming together, we are committed to producing work that addresses Black care and self-determination.

Origins of BWAforBLM

While in residence at the New Museum during the summer of 2016, artist Simone Leigh used the museum as a platform to gather Black women artists for a call to action following the murders of Philando Castilo and Alton Sterling in July 2016. The women held a series of convenings over the summer to discuss police brutality and how they as artists could address this urgent issue collectively.

The group formed Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter with the goal of understanding the interdependence of care and action, self-defense and self-determination, and desire and possibility in order to highlight and renounce pervasive conditions of racism. The work of BWA for BLM involves de-centering whiteness, a necessity in this political climate--but also a necessity in the art world in which we operate. 

Representative Image
Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter occupy the New Museum for their first performative action, Photo by Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich