Houston Matters: The Bigger Picture: Examining The Tie Between Identity And A Sense Of Place

Full article by Abner Fletcher; Interview by Joshua Zinn

On this month’s edition of The Bigger Picture, where Houston Matters examines the bigger issues in recent films, producer Joshua Zinn looks at how the changes a city goes through over time affect local identity.

In the audio above, he talks with Cary Darling, Houston Chronicle arts and entertainment editor, and Eureka Gilkey, Executive Director of the Third Ward-based arts organization Project Row Houses.

Houston Press: Project Row Houses Closes Out Round 49 With a Party

Full article by Doogie Roux

Round 49, Penumbras: Sacred Geometries, highlighted artists whose practices incorporate the ideology of sacred geometries to form structures and landscapes that allude to the body, intent and consciousness. In keeping with the round's theme, Project Row Houses closed it out with a party Sunday. The event boasted a Latin Jazz band along with street food and drinks inspired by the Afro-Latin Diaspora and provided by Etta’s Kitchen. Openings and closing of rounds at Project Row Houses are biannual, in the spring and fall. The next opening will be in October. (Photos by Doogie Roux)

BOMB Magazine: Seeing the Obvious, Revealing the Hidden: Yanira Collado in Conversation with Onajide Shabaka

Full article by Ryan N. Dennis

Round 49: penumbras: sacred geometries, currently on view at Project Row Houses in Houston, highlights artists whose practices incorporate the ideology of sacred geometries to form structures that allude to the body, intent, and consciousness. The six participating artists include Yanira Collado, Leticia Contreras, Charo Oquet, Aramis O’Reilly, Onajide Shabaka, and Juana Valdes, each of whom have created site-specific installations inside the art houses located on Holman Street. The artists are responding to the history of sacred geometries presented in previous installations; to the work of Dr. John Biggers; and to the architecture and essence of spirit that exists in the walls of the art houses, the community at Project Row Houses, and within Houston’s historic Third Ward.

The following interview is a conversation between artists who have worked alongside one another and understand the commonalities of space, place, materials, and the sacredness of penumbra.

Houston Press: 10 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Robbins, Reggae and Resilient Sounds

Full article by Susie Tommaney

Sacred geometry is exciting, especially when you start noticing those universal patterns in architecture, art and nature. Artists have been demonstrating these complex patterns in Project Row Houses' "Round 49: Penumbras: Sacred Geometries," and PRH is inviting you to the Closing Party this Sunday with live Latin jazz, Afro-Latin food and drinks provided by Zacapa Rum.