The Culture Trip: Unexpected Art Stops In Houston

Full article by Melissa Semmler

Project Row Houses aims to interject a sense of community into Houston by focusing on public art, education, social safety nets, sustainability, and architecture. Public art exhibits are open to the public, but some of the other projects are private and focus on building communities for people who need them most, like single mothers. Right now Project Row Houses is offering for public view Round 43: Small Business/Big Change: Economic Perspectives from Artists and Artrepreneurs, a group of installations that reflect the economic state of the community. Ella Russell (in collaboration with artist Anthony Suber) and Fredia Mitchell have a particularly beautiful installation with Fre’s Gallipot, featuring shrubs, oils, balms, and tonics. Dried herbs line the ceiling of the shop, while handmade soaps and candles are featured for sale. Even if you don’t have time to go inside, driving by Project Row Houses is worth the trip. Rice Building Workshop has focused on several building projects for small, sustainable living, including the XS House and the ZeRow house. The eclectic mix at Project Row Houses has something to interest everyone!