Houston Press: Gentrification is Not A Good Thing for African American Communities

Full article by G. Paris Johnson

It took me a minute to piece this together because I had to listen to the interviews again to capture the raw, unfiltered emotions. If you're looking to experience gentrification in its most raw and pure form, you've got to check out the Project Row houses installation Round 47β€”it is here until February 11, 2018. Round 47 is located in the heart of Third Ward at 2521 Holman.

This group of talented artists offers a visual articulation ranging from sculpting, painting, cinemaphotography, choreography, and photography. Each installation captures the effects gentrification has on the residents of Third Ward.

"We make it work! We work with what we got. We are resilient. We can. We do. We are.", says photographer and cinematographer, Brian Ellison artist of the "We are Enough [Still]" installation.

Houston Press: Uneasy Third Ward Residents Decry 'Whitewashed' Neighborhood

Full article by G. Paris Johnson

On the outskirts of the neighborhood, the intersection of Alabama Street and Emancipation Avenue now bears street signs labeling the area an "Economic Corridor." The new signs are part of a new initiative by the Emancipation Economic Development Council, a collective of community organizations that hopes to find a way for property developers, new buyers and longtime residents to work together.