Full article by Meghan Hendley-Lopez

For Devon Grigsby, past endeavors include her years as a medic in the United States Army after high school and her time as a manager with Harley-Davidson. Art has always been a part of her life in some form or another, and now, as a student at University of Houston, Grigsby has taken it upon herself to truly study sculpture. Initially she was enrolled as a painting student, but has since shifted to incorporating found and unwanted objects into her work. Constructing these found pieces into new forms, Grigsby offers commentary on the rapidly changing ways of communication with the speedy decline of personal interaction.

Challenging her audience to communicate through traditional means, Grigsby’s work beckons one to interact with it and possibly question such radical societal changes. Creating organic dialogue instead of the common stale screen shuffle, Grigsby reminds us that social communication holds so much more when lifted away from technology. During her time as a resident at Project Row Houses, she’s had the opportunity to use a living space to resonate her concept and hitting home the facts of interaction. Grigsby was kind enough to answer some questions about her work as well as her time at Project Row Houses.