Sidewalk Talk: Natural Healing with Dr. Barbara Ellis

Thu., November 17, 20116:00pm Hosted by artist Lisa E. Harris "Communograph House" 2505 Holman

Dr. Ellis is a natural healer, one of the founders of the raw/health movement that came through our community in the 70's, along with Sunshine, Erma Harris, Dick Gregory and others. Dr. Ellis is the founder and head therapist at Urban Renewal Clinic, offering holistic healing, hydro colon therapy, and gardening/cooking and lifestyle techniques. She also is one of the few Kalgen water distributors in Houston, offering Alkaline water to the community. She has healed herself of Lupus twice, (she had one recurring bout which she knocked out completely) has healed others of various cancers and diseases. We will be discussing how a raw diet and different holistic practices can sustain the body and correct various health issues.

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