A Message from Shannette Prince, YMRP Graduate

I was a 19-year old sophomore at Texas Southern University when I became pregnant with my son, Isaiah. He was born in May 2002. I attended summer school in July and was living in the Young Mothers Residential Program (YMRP) at Project Row Houses (PRH) in October. During that time of my life, things were moving quickly, and I was determined not to allow a teenage pregnancy to define me.

My experience with YMRP changed the trajectory of my life. My son and I were nurtured in a loving community and exposed to arts and culture like never before - from the Black Parenting Classes taught by Dr. Nelda Lewis to my home - my little house on Holman. I can still remember my mentor mom, Ms. Yvonne, taking me to Target to go shopping for MY house. I gained a level of knowledge about myself and my capabilities that I had not explored in the past. I took great pride in my home and the YMRP.

The full circle moments come when Isaiah and I look back at photos of our time at PRH. He’s a sophomore in high school and his little brother a 5th grader. Once you connect to YMRP and Project Row Houses, the spirit of the founders and the ancestors whose space we share are forever a part of your being. I encourage you to consider supporting YMRP and Project Row Houses by joining the PRH family as a member. When you click here to become a member, you not only change the lives of young mothers, you are also shoring up the success of the next generation.

Thank you,

Shannette Prince
Founder, Africa On My Back