Houston Chronicle: Art review: Charo Oquet’s ‘Written on Skin and Sacred Gestures’ at Project Row Houses

Full article by Molly Glentzer 

The word penumbra, which refers to the shadow cast during a partial eclipse, and the mathematical concept of sacred geometries, which influenced artist John Biggers, provide the artists of Round 49 at Project Row Houses with a compelling springboard.

The mojo is most palpable in Charo Oquet’s space, an explosively colorful installation where a constellation of ceramic-headed spirit figures could also be planets in a solar system with a pulsating May pole of a sun at its center, constructed with a raw wood frame, draped fabrics, pennants, vining plastic plants and the flotsam and jetsam of massed yarn blobs. You don’t see this part until you walk into the space and look toward the front window, when it zaps you with its powerful presence.