A Special Message from Brian Ellison, Houston-based Artist

Photo by Alex Barber

Photo by Alex Barber

Being a part of Round 47 at Project Row Houses (PRH) was a career-altering experience. It showed me how art when given the correct platform can impact the artist and the community in ways that supersede our own expectations. Being part of PRH opened up doors for me as an artist that I never knew existed. My work is rooted in the community, and I believe that art should be viewable in spaces that allow those who aren't privy to traditional art settings to have the experience still the same. Project Row Houses is revolutionary in the way they bring art to the community by providing a non-traditional space that creates a bridge for those who would otherwise not be given the opportunity to experience art created for them. PRH has shown me that I have something worth seeing, and it has added leaps and bounds to my confidence as well as a solid foundation for my practice going forward.   

Join me in supporting PRH and their unique arts program by clicking here to become a member today. Your membership provides an invaluable service to artists like me and ensure that Houston remains at the forefront of innovative artist communities.

Thank you,

Brian Ellison

A Special Message from Lisa Dent, Advocate for Artists

Over the years, as I’ve moved around the country advocating for artist support, so many colleagues hoped to find a way to support artists in their area, bring in artists from around the country, and honor their city’s history. Urban areas like the Third Ward battle gentrification; rural-area residents fail to connect in meaningful ways with the artists that move through the local residency. One organization always came up in these discussions: Project Row Houses (PRH) has inspired the cultural field and become an example of the strength of the artists’ vision. Seeing the possibilities, the founders, board, and staff inspire me to consider what it means to create community.

Earlier this year, I had the honor of giving the keynote at the Social Practice.Social Justice Symposium and joining others for an intimate look at creative practices influenced by Project Row Houses. Today, I hope you will join me in supporting this organization by clicking here to become a member. When you purchase your membership, you help Project Row Houses continue to inspire people and communities across the world.

Thank you,

Lisa Dent

A Special Message from Isaiah Harper

My name is Isaiah Harper. I’m 16 years old, and I go to YES Prep High School. Earlier this year, I was one of 16 students that Project Row Houses took to Washington, D.C. to experience the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.  As soon as I went in, I felt a rush of culture that came straight to me. It was different from anything I’d ever been a part of. The museum itself and the group of kids that I went with was all just a great experience. Project Row Houses has had an incredible impact on my life. I took my first steps and had my first birthday party on-site while my mom was in the Young Mothers Residential Program. The trip to DC was another first for me, and I am thankful that the organization continues to be part of my community.

Today, I hope that you’ll join that community and become a member of PRH’s community of supporters. Members keep our community thriving by allowing Project Row Houses to continue its work with the people of Third Ward.

Thank you for your support,

Isaiah Harper

A Message from Shannette Prince, YMRP Graduate

I was a 19-year old sophomore at Texas Southern University when I became pregnant with my son, Isaiah. He was born in May 2002. I attended summer school in July and was living in the Young Mothers Residential Program (YMRP) at Project Row Houses (PRH) in October. During that time of my life, things were moving quickly, and I was determined not to allow a teenage pregnancy to define me.

My experience with YMRP changed the trajectory of my life. My son and I were nurtured in a loving community and exposed to arts and culture like never before - from the Black Parenting Classes taught by Dr. Nelda Lewis to my home - my little house on Holman. I can still remember my mentor mom, Ms. Yvonne, taking me to Target to go shopping for MY house. I gained a level of knowledge about myself and my capabilities that I had not explored in the past. I took great pride in my home and the YMRP.

The full circle moments come when Isaiah and I look back at photos of our time at PRH. He’s a sophomore in high school and his little brother a 5th grader. Once you connect to YMRP and Project Row Houses, the spirit of the founders and the ancestors whose space we share are forever a part of your being. I encourage you to consider supporting YMRP and Project Row Houses by joining the PRH family as a member. When you click here to become a member, you not only change the lives of young mothers, you are also shoring up the success of the next generation.

Thank you,

Shannette Prince
Founder, Africa On My Back

A Special Message from Our Executive Director

Today is my birthday – and you may or may not know this about me, but I love birthdays.

They provide a chance for each of us to reflect on the past year, celebrate everything we’ve accomplished, and to look forward to the new year we’ve been blessed with.

We started out this year with a distinct focus on showcasing our 25-year history and honoring the seven visionary artists who founded Project Row Houses (PRH). I am so grateful to spend every day building on the legacy of these inspirational, innovative, and creative change agents. They had a vision that art and creativity could be an engine for social transformation in our historic and culturally rich neighborhood, and it’s an honor to continue to carry this work forward. Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey!

I want to personally invite you to reflect and celebrate with me. Take an intimate look back through our miraculous 25 years by purchasing your own copy of our first ever publication, Collective Creative Actions: PRH at 25available here on our website. I’d also love for you to join us this Friday in the historic Eldorado Ballroom for our annual holiday membership reception, Cocktails in the Ballroom. You can reserve your spot today at bit.ly/prhholiday.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Eureka Gilkey

Executive Director

See You There!

Snapshots of my Personal Highlights from Our 25th Anniversary Year

Clockwise from upper left:

Img. 1 – People dancing in Holman Street at our Round 48 Opening and Block Party

Img. 2 – Black Girl Magic from the opening panel at our Social Justice.Social Practice Symposium. L – R: Pat Jordan from Kansas City; Irfana Jetha Noorani from DC; Danielle Burns Wilson in Houston; moderated by myself, Eureka Gilkey

Img. 3 – Our incomparable 25th Anniversary Gala Chairs, Roslyn Bazzelle and Derrick Mitchell

Img. 4 –the 16 high schoolers from our community we took to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, visiting the Yard at my alma mater, Howard University

Img. 5 – Yumnah Evans at CommuniTea, where we honored the early champions of our ground-breaking Young Mothers Residential Program