Arts+Culture TX: Knight+Knight: Latencies

Full Article by Alexandra Irrera

"Knight + Knight: Latencies is psychoanalytical spin of a journey into the minds of Chelsea Knight and Autumn Knight. In conjuncture with DiverseWorks’ Chelsea Knight and Mark Tribe: Posse Comitatus,Latencies was co-presented by DiverseWorks and Project Row Houses this January.

In this three-part work, Chelsea Knight (a New York-based artist, primarily working in video) and Autumn Knight (a Houston-based performance/video/installation artist) perform a lecture, dinner, and therapy session to explore race and womanhood. Their vignettes transition with help from a female chorus and are punctuated by appearances from Sigmund Freud’s “Wolf Man.” Latencies can be serious and theoretically dense, but its overall tone is idiosyncratic, and its message encourages honesty and female self-acceptance. In Knight + Knight: Latencies, the two artists weave experiences, assertions, despair, and jubilation to create a picture of lived feminism that allows for fear and doubt as well as a powerful conviction of female worth."