Village News: Project Row Houses Hosting Founders Bus Tours

Project Row Houses (PRH), 2521 Holman St., is hosting a series of Founders Bus Tours on Saturdays through June 23 as part of its year-long 25th anniversary celebration. The tour, led by Ryan N. Dennis, Curator and Programs Director, and Jeanette Degollado, Public Art Coordinator, will take participants on a journey to view works that build upon the backdrop of iconic sites across Houston. Stops include the University of Houston-Downtown,the Station Museum of Contemporary Art.

Meet Bert Samples at the DeLuxe Theater!

Photo by Alex Barber

Photo by Alex Barber

Meet Bert Samples at the DeLuxe Theater on Our Next Bus Tour

Saturday, June 16 | Noon – 3 pm
Depart from PRH | 2521 Holman
$30 Guests | $20 Members

Thank you so much to everyone who joined our last bus tour and participated in the discussion with Alex Tu of the Station Museum. There are only TWO bus tours left, so be sure to purchase your tickets now!

Our tour this week features a talk with Bert Samples at the DeLuxe Theater in Houston's Fifth Ward. The theater is home to Samples' monumental mural Malcolm Marco Malcolm Marco.

Samples will be in conversation with a representative from the theater and speaking on his practice of dreamscaping.
Samples refers to his practice this way because he believes in cultivating a garden rich in elements proven to be substantive symbols for cognitive ideas to grow on. After the viewer’s perception of his work has been altered, Samples manifests commonalities or touchstones through capillary forces to illuminate a universal truth. These truths become sanctuaries the audience can explore in safe harbor.

We've organized these tours to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! Join us as we celebrate the art of our founders, who have proven time and again that art can be a catalyst for empowerment and change.

Photo by Alex Barber

Photo by Alex Barber

Next week is our LAST bus tour! If you haven't been able to join us yet this month, don't miss your final opportunity to tour the city with PRH!!

June 23 | Floyd Newsum discusses his paintings at UH Downtown

See Hidden Gems of Houston on Our Next Bus Tour!

Our Next Bus Tour Highlights Founder George Smith at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art

Saturday, June 9 | Noon – 3 pm
Depart from PRH | 2521 Holman
$30 Guests | $20 Members  

Our first tour was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who joined us and had kind words to share! Learning from Jesse Lott was an incredible experience, and we're so excited for next tour highlighting George Smith. Join PRH Curator Ryan Dennis as we explore public works by the founding artists of Project Row Houses!

As mentioned, this week's tour highlights founder George Smith, a wonderful painter and sculptor who has works installed across the city of Houston. Smith’s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Studio Museum of Harlem. This tour will feature an extended stop at the Station Museum, where participants will be in discussion with curator Alex Tu as he shares his experiences with Smith and his work. 

These tours were organized as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration! We would love for you to be part of this beautiful moment in our history by joining us on Saturday. Purchase your tickets today! 

Can't make it this weekend? There are two tours left on June 16, and 23!  The tours will feature the same stops, but each weekend highlights a different founding artist. 

June 16 | Bert Samples talks on his mural at DeLuxe Theater
June 23 | Floyd Newsum discusses his paintings at UH Downtown 

CultureMap: New tour offers a wheel good look at Houston's iconic public art

Full article by Holly Berretto

For 25 years, Project Row Houses has made it a mission to make art that is not only beautiful, but empowering, and presenting it as both vital to the community and something that brings a greater quality of life to a space. The artists of Project Row Houses have worked to ensure that the culture and history of the organization’s Third Ward home remain a guiding force as the community continues to change.

To celebrate, Project Row Houses is offering a month of Saturday bus tours to showcase some of the works that define the organization’s history and mission, with stops throughout the city.

“It’s so exciting,” says Ryan Dennis, Project Row Houses’ curator and programs director. “We’re doing a three-hour tour, and we’ll stop eat each art site for about 10 minutes and talk about what makes it unique, and why it matters to Houston.”

Free Press Houston: Project Row Houses Celebrates 25 Years With Public Art-Filled Summer

Full article by Paul Middendorf

In the heart of the Third Ward, and deep set into a community, is a set of row houses acting as a creative circulatory system for its neighbors and the city of Houston. The style of houses originated in West Africa and eventually found its way to the US following the slave trade. The row houses are still seen today in local regions such as New Orleans and Houston. Clustered close together, and often times in disrepair, they’re often found in regions of poverty and segregation. But where most people saw buildings in disrepair, a group of visionary African-American artists saw the potential of them as a place of positive, creative and transformative experiences.