Emancipation Community Development Partnership

The Emancipation Community Development Partnership (ECDP) is a strategic alliance between Project Row Houses, the Emancipation Economic Development Council, Houston Endowment, and Kinder Foundation. Formed in 2016, its purpose is to support the development and implementation of a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy for Historic Third Ward. The emerging strategy is focused on preventing the displacement of low income residents of Historic Third Ward and enhancing their economic and social well-being.

The ECDP has engaged consulting teams to develop an initial set of neighborhood revitalization implementation strategies to facilitate the EEDC’s agenda. Another group of consultants has been engaged to to craft community-based performance indicators and initiatives in public education & public health, targeted to prevent the displacement of long-term residents and support neighborhood revitalization efforts.

The ECDP's strategy is currently focused in four areas:

1. Affordable Housing Stabilization and Development
2. Equitable Community Economic Development
3. Arts-Based Community Development and Cultural Preservation
4. Community-Based Public Policy Development