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The Act of Listening: A Silent Conversation with a Centennial in 3rd ward at the Golden Age Hobby House | SIDI

  • Golden Age Hobby House 2805 Winbern Street Houston, TX, 77004 United States (map)

This event is to honor the state of being silent, and to receive moments of reflection in the midst of Elders from Third Ward. This silent event will be held at the Golden Age Hobby House located in the heart of Third Ward.  We are here to listen and observe the stories of Ms. Winnie, the Head Servant at the Golden Age Hobby House, and Ms. Auddie, the Centennial Elder. A short film will be screened followed by spoken word poetry. These moments of silent are intended to activate other senses, and forces of energy, that give space to experience the depth of our being. We encourage the audience members to acknowledge their depths and ask questions to the participants. Our request is to silently write the question(s); insert them into an envelope, which will then be delivered to one of the speakers. The answer to these question will be available online.

About the Strategic Art Plan 

In the Northern Third Ward neighborhood, it is essential to cultivate independent change agents and focus art and creativity as well as the general well-being and wealth building of the residents in our community. Our mission is to empower people and enrich communities through engagement, art & direct action. Generously funded by Houston Endowment, the Strategic Art Plan works to collaborate with organizations based in the Third Ward to present public art engagement opportunities for the community.