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2017 Fellows Performance-Lecture

  • UH School of Art 4188 Elgin St., 100 Fine Arts, University of Houston Houston, TX (map)

CASE & PRH host the Performance Lectures for the Inaugural Fellows Carrie Schneider and Carol Zou. Fellows have synthesized their research into a multi-media lecture performance that examines art's potential to interrogate, complicate, and reimagine social systems.

Carrie Schneider - 
"Clues, Marks, Residuals, Rastros, 
Tracks, Traces, Remnants, Waterlines, 
Holdovers, Relics, Scraps, Vestigios, Restos, Huellas
Scents, Hints, Residues, Impressions, Imprints, 
Marks, Trails, Shreds, Footprints, Hints, Signs"

Carrie Schneider will give a slide talk tour of the course of her 2017 Fellowship, researching the scaling up and down of gestures of “Survival Creativity,” or making a way out of no way, rearticulating ossified joints, and finding space when stuck: from personal coping strategies to citywide Hurricane Relief, and from artists mining their personal practice to matchmaking artists and activists on a range of issues effecting Houston- all testing the movement of an individual body’s relationship the rhythms of a social public, and all zooming in to understand more about the imagination’s role in the sliver of possibility between making up and making real. 

Carol Zou
"exercises for the invisible enemy / 太极拳反对无形敌人
a performative tai chi lecture on spatial capitalism"

equal parts auto-orientalism, cultural recuperation, and critique of capitalism, exercises for the invisible enemy utilizes the tai chi practice of occupying public space to deconstruct capitalism’s spatial (il)logic. in other words, learn how to practice tai chi and resist gentrification at the same time.

平等的东方主义,文化恢复和对资本主义的批评,太极拳反对无形敌人利用占领公共空间来解构资本主义的地理逻辑。 换句话说,练习太极拳,同时抗拒高档化。

all are welcome as either an observer or participant in the tai chi exercise. participants should wear loose clothing and rubber-soled shoes.


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