Social Practice.Social Justice Symposium 2018

Social Practice.Social Justice

Presented by Project Row Houses (PRH), Social Practice.Social Justice is a day-long symposium bringing together artists, activists and thought leaders to Houston’s Third Ward. The symposium begins Friday evening with a special dinner with panelists and PRH staff hosted by Project Row Houses. It continues with Day 2 on Saturday morning with a panel discussion on neighborhood development and the strategies used in communities impacted by disinvestment. This session will be followed by a keynote address from Lisa Dent, thought leader and advocate for cultural workers, living artists and shape-shifters. The afternoon session will conclude the symposium, with a panel centered on utilizing creativity, imagination and engagement.  

All videos by Rex Hudson

Neighborhood Development and the Preservation of a Community

Morning Panel, moderated by Eureka Gilkey, Executive Director, PRH
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

This panel brings together individuals who are pathing a way forward for conscious neighborhood development and work actively to preserve historic buildings in neighborhoods that have been disinvested in. 


  • Irfana Jetha Noorani, 11th Street Bridge Project, Washington DC

  • Pat Jordan, Gem Cultural and Education Center, Kansas City

  • Danielle Burns Wilson, The African American Library at the Gregory School 

The Romance of Community

Lisa Dent will present current research on philanthropic and cultural organizations, placing the support of artistic work within a socioeconomic context. Introduction by Tamika Evans, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Project Row Houses.

Beyond Social Practice

Afternoon Panel, moderated by Gia Hamilton, Cultural Producer

The panelists will present their individual practices and discuss the broad, often vague definition of "social practice" as well as their observed impact of art and creativity on the community.


  • Shani Peters, New York-based Artist

  • Nathaniel Donnett, Houston-based Artist

  • Jen Delos Reyes, Chicago-based Artist & Cultural worker