Summer Studios 2015: Kandise Ponce

My name is Kandise. I'm from U of H (University of Houston), and I'm doing the sculpture program there. I've been doing furniture-making and practicing that with cushions and what is and what makes up furniture and all of that, but I've always wanted to do something that has more social interaction with others.Taking something that is already pre-made, something that we're used to seeing, something that is more familiar and bring it into a space that is a home, that's how this space has influenced and changed the direction of my project.

The purpose of my project is really all about social interaction and the different relationships that we have within our lives. Some are more personal; some are just acquaintances. Then, focusing on those different levels, I try to bring those out and really emphasize those different relationships we have in our lives. So, I'm taking different furniture pieces and altering those to force you into this kind of personal space because personal space... body language and personal space mimic the type of relationship you have with that person. And so I'm just taking the furniture pieces and manipulating them to force that type of personal interaction, and then I want to have questions that will aid that type of connection that you have with that person.

This really hinges on whether people are willing to sit down and participate. I'm not sure what it's going to look like quite yet, but it's going to take 2 to 3 participants at each arrangement.

About Kandise Ponce

Kandise Ponce is a sculpture student at University of Houston. Her artistic practice examines subjects as fragments through the creation of furniture-like objects. In particular, she hopes to encourage audience participation with these objects to explore how we navigate between surroundings and bodies. For Summer Studios, Kandise will create furniture pieces that encourage different types of social interaction by simulating varying degrees of personal space.

About Summer Studios

Summer Studios was developed to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to create and exhibit work that responds to, engages with, and/or is reflective of community. This program is open to seven art students and emerging artists, nominated by professors and selected by a panel of professional artists. Summer Studios is open to artists who are interested in making art in an urban community setting, engaging with the PRH/Third Ward Community and interacting with established Houston-based artists.

Video by PRH Intern Valerio Farris