Summer Studios 2015: Guadalupe Hernandez

My name is Guadalupe Hernandez. I was born in Mexico, and I came to the US at the age of three, and I basically grew up in San Antonio, with this heavily Hispanic centered family. I actually didn’t go to school to study art, but then after my first semester, I missed art. I missed being able to do all these things with it, so I ended up switching after my first semester. Being here and it being a historically black community, I decided to change it up a little bit. I decided to do this group of artists that do spoken word and hip hop. They kind of like are differentiating themselves from the norm, from the usual - whatever you think of when you think of rap and hip hop. They speak about social issues, injustices, and they offer hope to an upcoming generation. Propaganda, he’s from California, and he does a lot of spoken word. I’m going to be doing five charcoal drawings of these artists, and then I’m working a way to integrate the entire space whether its putting up lyrics of their songs. I know I want to have their music playing so whenever they’re walking around they can just listen to the music.

About Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez is a student at Houston Baptist University whose work is heavily influenced by the intersection of Mexican culture and faith, and consists of traditional Mexican subjects, images, and symbols that contain spiritual undertones and symbolism. He plans to foster cross-cultural dialogue in the Third Ward through a mixed-media installation encompassing drawing, painting, print, and sculpture.

About Summer Studios
Summer Studios was developed to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to create and exhibit work that responds to, engages with, and/or is reflective of community. This program is open to seven art students and emerging artists, nominated by professors and selected by a panel of professional artists. Summer Studios is open to artists who are interested in making art in an urban community setting, engaging with the PRH/Third Ward Community and interacting with established Houston-based artists.

Video by PRH Intern Valerio Farris