#PRHat21 | Jukie Finkelpearl-Tsai

"I think that Project Row Houses is... this sort of seamless combination of public art, of socially conscious art, of a community focused organization." Jukie Finkelpearl-Tsai

Jukie Finkelpearl-Tsai, son of Tom Finkelpearl and Eugenie Tsai, grew up hearing stories about Project Row Houses and artists and organizations with a similar practice. During his first visit to the site this summer, we sat down with him to get his first impressions of the organization.

What was your first impression of Project Row Houses? Share your story online with the hashtag #PRHat21 and consider making a contribution of $21 (or more!) as we celebrate the past two decades and take our first steps into the future of socially engaged art practice. All donations go towards keeping PRH's programming free and open to the public, in Third Ward and beyond.