Program Description

YMRP was established based on the principle that strong neighborhoods have social safety nets, woven by community to support community and to raise social responsibility. YMRP provideS a “social safety net” for low-income young mothers between the ages of 18 and 26 who envision success in spite of their circumstances. With limited options for affordable housing, safe and affordable childcare and/or reasonable employment, many young mothers are forced to discontinue their educational pursuits in order to raise their families.

The purpose of the YMRP is to assist low-income single mothers and their children to achieve successful independent, self-sufficient lives. Programmatic goals have been developed to strengthen participants in the following key areas:
• Academic Excellence
• Career Development
• Financial Security
• Parental Responsibility
• Social/Spiritual Awareness

YMRP seeks to under gird young women who in spite of their challenges, demonstrate a desire to succeed by virtue of their commitment to be enrolled in an area college, university or accredited training institutions. Eligible participants must be the custodial parent of up to two children and be registered in a two or four-year college or university, or accredited training institute. They should have at least part-time employment, and be willing to accept assistance to obtain employment that will enable the mother to sustain her household upon exiting the program. Finally, the mother must be willing to honor YMRP schedule program commitments that provide a year-long focus on self-growth and strengthening of parenting skills.

YMRP provides the following services for up to five women and their children:

  • A fully furnished row house with rent subsidy for one to two years
  • A weekly workshop series with topics on budget/finance, parenting, computer skills, job readiness, healthy relationships, etc.
  • A program mentor, consisting or a professional woman who has volunteered to be available to a mother as a friend and advisor
  • Counseling support services, as needed
  • A structure whereby participants learn to establish healthy boundaries for the raising for their children, and community networks to sustain them upon exiting the program

Current participants pay between $75 to $250 per month (depending on their income) to cover rent and utilities. This payment falls far short of the approximate $9,500 per month in direct costs that PRH pays for housing, utilities, childcare, workshops/programs and staffing for each participant. Participants also establish a savings plan to assist them to budget for realistic housing costs upon exiting the program.

To-date, over fifty (50) participants have “graduated” from the program. Some are still pursuing their degree; others are professional artists, college professors, accountants, pharmacists, interior designers, teachers, bankers, business professionals and lawyers.

If you are willing to lend your support to these courageous young women, you may “Adopt-A-Mother” with a single or monthly donation of any amount to offset our expenses.