October 15 – March 4, 2012
Free and open to the public
Wednesday through Sunday 12 – 5PM
2505 – 2517 Holman

Project Row Houses is pleased to announce the opening of seven new projects in the art houses.

PRH has invited seven artists, from Houston and across the US, to create new projects in the historic shotgun houses on the 2500 block of Holman Street. Round 35 embraces the approach of Project Row Houses’ early days when the rounds were not thematic and each selected artist was provided a house to create and explore freely within the context of the historic Third Ward community.

Round 35 Events & Programs

Participating Artists & Projects

Regina Agu, Houston, TX

A Nostalgia for the Living is an exploration of how the body serves as a reservoir of memories, myths and shared experiences. Through an installation and large wall drawing on fabric, Agu investigates the parallels between the personal and the physical.

Sharon Kopriva, Houston, TX

THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS PROJECT explores the universality of these spiritual shortcomings by illustrating transgressions, in both mortal and venial degrees, through the sculptural forms of Kopriva’s dogs, Pluto, Luna and Thor.

Patrick McFarlin, Santa Fe, NM

Out on a Limb features a selection of illustrations (drawings & paintings) of both McFarlin’s personal experiences of going out on a limb in his life as well as highlighting visionaries, eccentrics, activists and game-changers from history. The community will be invited to participate by sharing their own personal stories, which McFarlin will incorporate and/or later illustrate.

Robert McKnight, Miami, FL

Tears for a Dying Sun – A Temple of Improvisational Art is a paper installation created in collaboration with the Third Ward Community. Inspired by improvisational Jazz music, McKnight leads residents in using the rhythms, patterns and shapes found in everyday life to create three-dimensional visual representations.

Carrie Schneider, Houston, TX

Hear Our Houston www.hearourhouston.com, a hub of public generated audio walking tours, narrated by a variety of individuals from throughout the city, will be housed in one of the row houses for Round 35. Schneider will focus on collecting tours centered in the Third Ward to add to the already growing collection as well as offer some public “how to give a walking tour” workshops.

Charles Washington, Houston, TX

What’s in a door? is a global project comprised of recycled, hand-painted doors that build on the metaphor of a door as opportunity. In collaboration with PRH’s Education, Young Mothers and Residential Programs, Washington will create a series of personalized doors that will be placed in one of the art houses, on PRH’s site and around the Third Ward Neighborhood.

Ashley Hunt, Los Angeles, CA

Communograph, is a multi-platform art project, created in response to PRH’s interest in creating a map of the Third Ward neighborhood. Through Hunt’s initial conversations with community members and questions about what it even means to make a map today, the project expanded into a framework for community-based research, featuring five parallel activities. The title, “Communograph,” combining “community” (communo-) with “writing” (-graph) grounds this research in “a writing of community from the perspective of the community itself.” In this way, each research activity serves as a platform for community members to enter into conversation, thinking about authorship in different ways, with the aim of building local questions, knowledge, audience and interpretation in ways that will, in the end, serve as an atlas for community members and institutions.

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