The GreenHouse Collective

20100809-001The idea for the GreenHouse Collective grew out of one of 2009 Round 30 Artist Installations titled, “Light Green/Dark Green,” by artist Elia Arce. In this live installation, an indoor vegetable garden was hosted. For the first crop, wheatgrass was sprouted and grown under grow light inside the row house exhibit space. Wheatgrass juice was served at the opening, and a variety of greens were grown throughout the four months of the exhibit.

As a result of the exhibit, interest was sparked among PRH residents, artists, and community members to start an organic garden at PRH. In spring of 2010, PRH gave the Greenhouse Collective one of the original shotgun houses for their project. An existing raised bed garden within the PRH campus was identified for revitalization and expansion. PRH’s Summer Education Program worked with the GreenHouse Collective to design the new garden.

20100809-002GreenHouse Collective artists will work in partnership with residents of PRH and community members to develop this sustainable gardening project. Project goals include:

1) Design and create a community garden which encompasses two alternative gardening practices. The space will include raised bed gardens, water catchment, irrigation systems, fruit trees, edible landscaping, a greenhouse, and an aquaponics system.
2) Provide educational workshops and training on organic gardening methods to PRH residents and community members.
20100809-0033) Provide hands-on classes to children enrolled in PRH’s Summer Education and After School Programs. Children will be involved in traditional gardening as well as green art projects while learning about the natural ecosystem.
4) Produce a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fresh eggs, and wheatgrass juice for sale and sharing with community members, the local farmers markets, and the future PRH community store.

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